With great dismay I read today that Ronaldo is not leaving United. Why Ferguson insists on keeping this player at United is beyond me.

Ok, yes I agree, he is one of the most talented young players in the world at the minute. However, for me that is just not enough to warrant a position in one of the greatest clubs in the world. Football is a team game, one player does not make a successful football team. What makes a successful club, is great teamwork.

Since he joined United, I have never been a fan of his. I always felt his whole attitude towards the game was completely different than any other player United have ever had. He is self absorbed, arrogant and immature.

It is completely obvious the unrest at United last season was down to this guy. United now look likely to depart with one of the greatest strikers they have ever had in Ruud Van Nistelrooy and this seems to stem from a training ground bust up between himself and Ronaldo.

Any true Man United fan will remember the European Cup game when Ryan Giggs was substitued and you could lip read what he said as him came off. “What about fucking him?” asked Giggs, pointing in the direction of Ronaldo. If there is no repspect between the players for each other, it just won’t work.

Fergie – please wake up, I know you are getting old, but surely can see this lad is ruining your once great team…..

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