Ok, 3 days to go and I’ve finally have enough. I listened to the radio on the way into work today and I just decided that not one of the politicians from the top 2 parties are worth voting for. In fact, not one of the most likely parties to be in government are worth voting for.

This morning we had Richard Bruton from Fine Gael and Brian Cowen from Fianna Fail,  went head to head on Newstalk 106.

It’s no wonder students don’t vote! They are only coming out of school where this thing goes on all the time and they feel they have now matured into men and women…. only to find this type of childish bickering actually still happens in the world of politics.

My god, the word “immature” does not even fit the description of Mr. Cowen’s display. He was like a teenager in a school debate, looking for any opportunity to make it out that he was not the one being confrontational and that Mr. Bruton should calm down, when in fact, it was his immaturity and constant lying that simply royaled Mr. Bruton into a lashing out.

Mr. Cowen I have to say annoyed me, yet I would agree that Mr. Bruton did himself no favours either. Mr. Cowen refused to admit that only 5 months ago he was refusing to touch stamp duty and only weeks before the election he announced new plans for stamp duty.

I am no fan of any party right now, at this stage I’m sick and tired of the lot of them. Why in a nation that is intelligent enough to be at the forefront of software development etc, are we still so naive to vote for such out of touch, self obsessed wasters that are our government and potential government today????

The only reason I will vote on Thursday now is to uphold my democratic right…. as far as choice goes….. I don’t think we have any.


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