I wrote what turned out to be a fairly topical blog post on the new Colm and Jim-Jim breakfast show on 2FM when it first aired back in March. The post can be read here.

A few people thought I was insane at my views on the new show. Some went as far as to predicted that the show would hit 250,000 listners in the next JNLR figures.

Well¬†unsurprisingly (for me at least), the latest JNLR figures show that the Colm and Dim-Jim show have lost 6,000 listeners since taking over from Marty Whelan’s slot in March.¬†This will make it very interesting to see the end of year JNLR figures…..

I do hope for their sakes, that they can ressurect this loss. I was a huge fan of the show on FM104, but since moving to 2FM, I’ve just felt it has been extremely poor and a very irritating show.

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