As a regular reader of a designer that I have much respect for, I couldn’t help but be pleased that someone else had finally decided to write a piece about the shower that call themselves “Ripe”.

TheMenace writes an article about Ripe’s new move into the SEO arena. I wrote an article about them recently,  in which I noted that they have decided to offer SEO services. I gave my reasons why I thought it was a disgrace.

However, when I noticed what TheMenace also noticed, I had to hold myself back from writing another post, so my blog didn’t end up being just a Ripe bashing blog. TheMenance, you are so right, it is a disgrace when he makes claims that we are ripping people off, because that is basically what he is saying.

All I can say now is, Dresses Ireland – I CAN’T SEE YYYYOOOUUUUUUU……………… 😉

Yet another pro in this business has a gRipe with Ripe…… Red Cardnial

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