Hot on the heels of the governments announced last week on the new Road Safety Strategy 2007, Minister Noel Dempsey has now announced that the requirement for second provisional licence holders to be accompanied by a licenced driver of two years has been deferred until June 30th 2008.

What a typical example of our great government……

Announcing it in the first place, just showed how out of touch the government is with the real world, but this is just another example of why we should never take anything the government says seriously.

Personally I welcomed the new laws. The only people that seemed to disagree with it, were those who held provisional licences. In particular, those who held their second provisional licence.

I can’t help but as… What do you all expect?

Firstly, no-one on a first, third or fourth licence (or more) are meant to driver alone anyway so I don’t see what they are giving out about.

Second provisional license holders are one of a few things in my mind….

  • Too lazy or not bothered to apply for a driving test because they didn’t have to.
  • Drivers who have failed their driving test.
  • someone who has got a first license but never used it and reapplied again.

The only argument they seem to have is that they claim to be better drivers than some fully licenced drivers. I can’t disagree with that, however, the fact that the fully licenced driver went through a test, gives them more of a right to be on the road than those that haven’t or those that have failed.

As a country, we always knock change. Remember when  the smoking ban was announced? But no-one can say that hasn’t been a huge success can they?

Yes I do agree, concessions have to be made for those who have already applied for a test, but those who haven’t bothered, should be forced to drive with a fully licenced driver.

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