Well, the Christmas break is over and we’re now already two days into 2008. For me 2007 was a fast, exciting and busy year. I hope this year can be just as good if not better.

All this talk recently of doom and gloom gets to me though. I’m a big believer in visualisation, if you visualise it, it will happen. So if everyone thinks we are going to have bad times ahead, it will catch on, people start thinking negatively, don’t spend money and the downward spiral begins.

Well I’m going to be as positive as possible, in no particular order:

  1. Man Utd to retain the Premiership Champions Title
  2. Prosperous year for 2bscene, TheStreetGallery and another so far unnamed business I have in the pipeline
  3. A return of belief in the property market
  4. Bertie Ahern to retire…

That’s the shortlist, some achievable, some not so – but I know one things for sure… I’ll be doing anything in my power to help these along! :)

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