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It was announced today that the Green Party are proposing a new tiered driving license system. They are suggesting that we have a system whereby people in rural locations will have a restricted license that will allow them to legally drive at certain times of the day and at certain speed limits etc.

The system is the brainchild of councillor Mary White, who today on Newstalk 106 said that it is aimed at people living in remote areas and elderly people who rely on their cars to get through their daily tasks. Adding to that she suggested that this license is for those who get nervous when they sit the real driving test.

What a complete farce!!!!!

For me, driving is black and white. You can either drive or you can’t. If you haven’t passed a driving test, you shouldn’t be in a car without a licensed driver. Why in this country do we always go out to make things more complicated than they actually are. You can drive or you can’t – how simple can it be???

Next thing they’ll be suggesting is a tiered drink driving system… oh yes… I know… they are already discussing this…

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