I came across a site today that is basically a filesharing application using Google as it’s technology for finding copyrighted files.

www.yamour.com uses some Google hacks (and the Google API) by the looks of things to seek out anything from MP3s to video files. So who should the MPAA hold responsible for this blatant infringement of copyrighted material?

Should it be the owners of Yamour for basically taking all the nice Google features and presenting it in a more user friendly way or should it chase Google to remove the offending material from its index?

For me, it should be neither. Google is my favourite tool on the web, without it, I would be seriously lost! But why should Google be brought to case over people uploading copyrighted files to the internet? In the same way, why is TorrentSpy being punished for doing something that isn’t very far from what Google is doing?

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