Today marked the day that it became illegal for second provisional license holders to drive unaccompanied.

I spoke about it before and my attitude has still not changed. This law is well overdue and all the silly provisional license holders who believe this is a joke, need to get a reality check.

92,000 second provisional license holders – off the road… but are they? It was kind of weird this morning, I deliberately set out to spot the number of L plates on the road this morning. I didn’t see one, granted even in bad traffic it only takes me 30 mins to get to work.

So where have they gone? Have people simply peeled off their L plates as I predicted or have they actually stopped driving their cars? I spoke to a relation of mine this morning who works in a junior school and she said that there were a lot of women who were walking in the rain with their kids, who would normally be driving.

Have we just drove these drivers underground with this new law?

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