We’re currently working on a project that will be suggesting Google Docs to its users, to share and collaborate on spreadsheets, presentations and docs. One of the key requirements is to be able to link to a templated file, that users can access and save their own copy from within Google Docs. So my task today has been to try and find out if it’s possilbe and if so, how do we do it.

So far so good – I’ve figured out how we can link to templated spreadsheet documents. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Login in to your Google Docs account
  2. Create/Open a spreadsheet
  3. Within the spreadsheet, click the “Share” tab.
  4. This will open a page that will allow you to select collaborators that you can invite to edit etc, but we want Anyone to view this document. So down the page you will see “Anyone can
    edit this document WITHOUT LOGGING IN at” – select the checkbox and leave at “view”.
  5. Underneath this, you will see a URL – copy this and add &newcopy to the end.

You now have a link to a template spreadsheet file that people can save and edit within their own Google Docs account.

All I have to do now is find out how to do this with Docs and Presentations (which seem to be different!)

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