I got my hands on one of the new Eurovox PVR EX5000 to try out and so far I’m pretty impressed.

The Eurovox PVR is miles ahead of other alternative cable boxes such as the Starview. Not only is the EPG far superior, they just seem to have got the simple things right. Transitions between channel changes is smooth, the onscreen graphics are a lot less obtrusive and it has graphical indicators that make more sense than those on the Starview.

The Eurovox PVR EX5000 also has the brilliant feature – pausing live TV. No longer do you have to miss the important bits on your favourite show when you need to use the loo or make yourself a cup of tea. With one click of a button you can pause the show and revert to it when you have finished doing your bits.

The Eurovox PVR EX5000 also has a recording facility. You can use either the EPG or set a timer to record your favourite programs.

As far as I’m aware, the Eurovox PVR EX5000 doesn’t come with a built in hard drive. You have to buy a hard drive as an extra. Prices for the Eurovox PVR EX5000 start at €189 without a hard drive, with a hard drive, prices start from €250.

Oh and if you plan to use one of these illegally with one of our cable providers, beware that the PVR is for normal cable and the Eurovox TX is for MMDS.

If I had one problem with the Eurovox PVR EX5000 it’s that you can’t rewind TV. With the new NTL digibox PVR option, you can rewind the channel you have been currently viewing. I’ve found this to be extremely useful!

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