Joanna Murphy is the latest apprentice to be sacked from the Irish version of BBC’s hit show, The Apprentice.

I have to admit, I was delighted. I never liked the girl from day one. Her arrogance, slyness and that fake smile, just got on my nerves each time I watched the program.

Rather unexpectedly, Joanna was fired because she cheated. In their task this week, the teams had to collect as much recyclable good as possible. The team with the most, won the task.

Joanna was caught out when it was discovered that Joanna had in fact emailed her husband asking him to “rally the troops”. Even this was against the rules. But it even went to an even lower level, when her friends raided a local recycling plant and brought the goods to her depot.

Strangely Joanna thinks that her cheating wasn’t in fact cheating, but entreprenurial and just thinking outside the box…

She showed her true colours after the show had ended with this response to the fact that she was fired for cheating:

Yes in this response she does say that if Bill Cullen had got her for €100k, it would have been a great bargin. Well I’m sorry Joanna, I don’t have Bill Cullens money, but I definitely wouldn’t hire you.

Look at your woeful attempt at public speaking and where you got the ideas for the pitch…..

You might get an debt collection job if I was stuck. Your ignorance and the fact that I couldn’t see many people liking you, could be great for the position.

After her interview on NewsTalk this morning, I was shocked that she actually had a lot of support… what that says about the Irish public, I don’t know.

Obviously there are plenty of other Irish people out there that feel cheating is the way to get ahead, or maybe they were all her friends too?

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