I absolutely hate spam, I have no problem with someone emailing me personally to tell me of a product or service they provide, that could in some way be of benefit to me. I much prefer this than a phone-call from them. They have a better chance of me reading it, than taking a call.

So when I get emails about spending Christmas at Dylans Hotel in Dublin, from a so called reputable firm in the shape of Avvio, that has obviously been sent to every business in Dublin, it really annoys me.

I don’t want to know about spending Christmas in a Dublin hotel, since I spend all of my Christmas’s at home with my family in ….. DUBLIN!! I have absolutely no intention of changing this situation because of a spam email you sent me.

I also hate being included on a database of a company that I have no relationship with and then being asked to visit their website to remove me from a list that I never asked to be part of. A huge waste of my valuable time.

If you ever thought I could be a potential customer, well now it’s extremely unlikely that I will ever be a customer. Rant over….

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