I got a chance to have a look at another one of these so called “dodgy boxes” the other day. The latest and greatest offering from the the Starview creators is The Box Super USB.

My instant reaction when I saw it being turned on was the huge improvement in the graphics and interface. It really has come along way from the first Starview box. Additionally, with it came a USB stick, branded with The Box logo which can be inserted into the newly added USB port of The Box for backing up channel data and of course doing firmware updates.

The firmware update is a million times easier than the laborious R232 cable scenario. You simply copy the files from your computer to the USB stick, insert it in the USB port on The Box, hit menu, go to USB and select the file that you’ve just copied. It updates in seconds and no need for wires everywhere!

The Box Super offers the pause live TV and record functions that a lot of other devices are offering now. I unfortunately didn’t see this in action as the external HDD didn’t work with it for some reason. From what I’ve heard, unlike the Eurovox, it has two tuners, so you can view one channel whilst recording another.

Other than that it does all the usual stuff. Is it worth the upgrade? I would have to say yes, for sure!

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