Today was the day that we sent out our lovely Christmas Card…. ahhhhh…..

Anyway, one thing I had to do was scour through my contacts in Outlook to find the people I needed to send the card too. Unfortunately for me, I never use the contacts storing feature in Outlook. I’m a fan of the inbuilt email contacts history, you know the one, you start typing a.. and it will automatically complete the rest for you, just like your browser address bar. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

But of course, this is useless when you are sending mass emails. After you’ve added one address, you’ve to go back to the start all over again and scroll until you find your next target.

I thought, “there had to be an easier way to do this” and as you would expect a quick search on google – “LET ME GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU” – and there it was….

You have to locate your latest .NK2 file on your PC (a search for *.nk2 should find it for you). Once located, you can open it with the program and export your contacts to a CSV file.

I did notice though after using this program, my autocomplete in Outlook now has most contacts email addresses all in uppercase. Nothing worth complaining about though, it saved me hours of work at the end of the day!

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