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I have to admit, I was late to the Twitter scene. I didn’t register my first account until June 2008.

Why you say?

Well at the time I didn’t really get the whole concept to be honest. I just thought it was another time wasting social network, that if I signed up to, would leave me with less time to do the other more important things in my daily working life.

I already had a blog that I was struggling to keep up-to-date. When something new happens, I’m generally so late at getting the opportunity to write about it, that 100 other blogs have wrote about it and I just don’t bother. So how the hell was I going to have time to interact with people on Twitter? The short answer is that I don’t.

However, I believe being part of Twitter is now a real advantage to any business. There are many reasons for this, but let’s take a couple of examples.

  1. Networking
    Most people in the technology industry would most definitely have heard of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online business networking website that allows you to store information about you and your past working history. The beauty of it is that when you connect with people, you can easily see their connections or distant connections that you might want to contact. So for example, if I add a business colleague, I can instantly see all his connections. So if he had a friend in a company that I feel could do with using my product or service, I can ask my contact to put me in touch with them.That’s all well and good, but over time for me it became more of a “I only want to contact you because you could use my product” sort of network. Which is fine, but a little intrusive in my opinion.

    Twitter on the other hand let’s you “follow” other people on Twitter. When you decide to follow a certain person, an email is sent directly to that persons email notifying them that you are now following them. Now, I’m not saying go off and follow everyone you want to do business with them and then bombard them with tweets about your product or service. Just like other forms of conventional networking, such as BNI for example, you can be a little more polite by responding to their tweets and over time building up a relationship in an very non intrusive manner.

  2. Referrals / Recommendations
    As with any network there is always the opportunity for business. Just yesterday one of my tweets was in response to someone else’s tweet looking for a recommendation on a copywriter for a website he was developing. I responded directly to the Tweeter with my recommendations and hopefully those people had the opportunity to quote for his business.Imagine if those people I recommended had twitter also, I could have allowed them to connect through this medium too. But that’s another days work!
  3. Search For Business
    It’s not something that will suit everyone, but you could possibly search for business through the Twitter search application. Take a look yourself there

So do I recommend being part of the Twitter revolution… most definitely. But you don’t have to be on it everyday, just as often as you possibly can! :)

As for “Is Twitter for Twits”? Most definitely not, I would say you are a twit for ignoring this powerful medium.

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