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I’ve been actively using Twitter now for just over 2 months. After the initial scepticism, I grew to quickly love Twitter. The benefits of it speak for itself. I’ve accomplished a healthy following of over 400 users, a market that I had never tapped into before in such a way and with such rapid growth. I’ve learned a lot in my time on Twitter. Even shall we say, a new ‘etiquette‘ of communication.

Initially I thought Twitter was something about nothing, why would I care what other people are doing, why would I even bother telling people what I’m doing, I’m way to busy doing just that. But I quickly learned that although Twitter believes “What are you doing?” is the perfect question to ask those using it’s service, it really doesn’t have much bearing on what the majority of people using their service are actually using it for.

Yes from time to time, the odd person will tell you “I’m just going to pop to the loo”, but generally speaking the people I follow offer some great advice on internet marketing, web design, special offers, freebies and even provide breaking news as it happens. For me, this is something I relied on the many RSS feeds that I subscribe to, to inform me of these things. With Twitter we have an interact RSS feed and I love it! :)

It is very easy to get lost in the whole world of Twitter though. At least with an RSS feed you decide when to read it , with Twitter it’s a different story. If you follow a lot of decent people, there are updates every few seconds. Because you have chosen to follow people with similar interests, the information they are sharing with everyone is generally something you don’t want to miss reading.

In terms of Twitteretiquette, well I have to say I get highly offended if I follow someone and then don’t follow me back. It sends out a breathe of arrogance from the person you have just followed. “I am not following you because you are a little person”, but in fairness to those people, there are quite a few Twitter’s that I don’t follow back!

Twitter is quickly becoming a spam engine, not a day goes by now that I don’t have some sort of spam sent to me, either through a direct message or simply by a spamming tweet. AnyPlugins 1one I find spamming now, I just delete them from my list of people I am following.

I read a great article the other day, that I came across from someone’s tweet and I have to say I concur with nearly everything mentioned. The six warning signs for Twitter –

I think it’s time for the creators of Twitter to take a serious look at the beast they have created. Think about how they can improve it and as I’m sure they do everyday, how to monetise it.

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