With great difficulty, 2bscene finally decided on a winner for our first free online marketing campaign competition on Friday last. The process was as much a learning curve for us aswell as an opportunity to let people know how much they could benefit from an online marketing campaign for their website. It was our chance to see how powerful Twitter actually is. And Twitter proved to be one hell of a tool for promoting the competition – we were inundated with entrants to the competition within minutes.

We would have been happy with a handful of people being interested in this competition – it would have given us more time to create reports for all entrants. Unfortunately for the entrants we just got too many entrants to give everyone feedback on their website which we would have loved to have done. So for those that didn’t receive a report on their website, keep in touch with us, because we hope to do this again soon and next time we’ll be a little more prepared!

So what next?

Well I’m hoping to do a case study on the whole process (upon agreement with the winner of course). We already have a clear plan in our heads of what needs to be done, but we need to meet with the Winner first and detail our ideas and see how far they will go. After that, all the hardwork will begin. The process will take at least 6 months to come to fruition – so we will try to keep you posted of the progress on this blog along the way.

For now though, Congratulations to Roseleen McNally! We’re really looking forward to working with you and making a success of your website!!

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