In this day and age, every business should have a website. It doesn’t matter if you are a one man operation or a multi-national plc, your website could be one of the most cost effective sales leads generation tool you have ever had for your business. Of course, you need to take some important steps to ensure your website is generating the proper level of interest in order to get a maximum return.

Most of my working life is spent preparing quotes or speaking with people about getting a website. I constantly here the phrase “I need a website, how much will it cost? I hear it some many times that my structured brain would love to have a process in place where it could just spit out a one liner that will answer that question in an instant. Unfortunately for me, it’s not that simple.

There are so many things you can do with a website, that it’s impossible to gauge how much work is involved in a project without going into detail. Out old cliched response is obviously “how long is a piece of string”. This isn’t about us looking to sound smart, but more about it being the easiest way for us to get out point across.

Of course there are many projects that can be very straight forward, you know the ones, a 5 page website with a reply form. We could usually give you a ballpark figure on this type of website pretty quickly. Generally speaking, those people that want a website of this nature tend not to want to make much of an investment in their website and are looking for a cheap and nasty solution because they believe they “have to” have a website. They tend not to be that interested in trying to achieve a return on this investment and really just want a “presence”.

Do I think this is the right approach?
In some cases it’s fine – like how much information can you really say about a one man electrician company? The lack of competition in the search engines for something this specific could make it a worthwhile investment for this business. But what happens when all the other electricians come on board and also get themselves a simple website? Very quickly there will be a lot of businesses in that space all fighting for the top positions on Google.

In most cases a properly thought out website is the only way to go. Do you need to have a CMS? Do you need to interact with visitors to your website? What do you want to achieve with your website? How will it handle sales for your business? These are all questions that you should really be asking yourself when planning the development of your new website.

Cut to chase Tom, how much will it actually cost me to build a website?
Well again there are many variations. A typical brochure site with 5-10 pages will cost you anywhere from €300 (from a cheap and nasty web design business) to over €3k (from a professional web design company). Once you start getting into bespoke application development, the cost can increase quite quickly into the 10s of thousands.

Working with the right web design company will help you get the most from your website. They will be able to guide you as to where you should put your money and effort for the best return.

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