I generally don’t like doing this as I try to keep my work life separate from my blog. But there comes a time when everyone could do with a little helping hand. Especially when you are trying something new.

So I’ve selected 3 projects that we’ve been working on recently that have just launched. Our involvement in each project ranges from design and development to consultancy and online marketing.

EZ Spare Parts
This project has been going on for a quite a while now and I am happy to say the site has finally been launched. It’s a typical eCommerce website, with all the usual functionalities you’d expect from an online shopping cart system. The site itself focuses on selling kitchen appliance and consumable parts.

I personally think this is going to be a huge success, why? Well what makes this stand out from the rest is that they plan to offer hundreds of self repair tips for many different kitchen appliances. The guys behind it are massively driven and feel that we can actually fix most of the issues that arise with kitchen appliances quite easily. Armed with the knowledge they provide in their repair tips and videos, coupled with the right parts that you can buy from their website, we should avoid the need to ring our local washing machine repair guy (or going out to buy a new one). Ultimately, saving you a small fortune!

So the next time you have an issue with your washing machine or fridge freezer, why not check this site out first!

The Get Ireland Working Team
In this climate, everyone needs a helping hand. Especially small businesses who are either low on cash-flow or a company just starting out for the very first time. The Get Ireland Working Team are hoping that by harnessing the traditional Irish spirit of volunteerism that they can help create 50,000 jobs. They plan to create jobs in many different ways, from providing small loans to offering free advice from successful business people. The great thing is, that you can be part of this team too. All you need to do is go off and register your support with them on their website.

It’s very early days, but hopefully the movement will catch on, so why not get involved and starting helping to create jobs!

Cash For Your Car
This is a very simple site and aesthetically nothing to write home about. However, the idea itself seems clever. Jumping on the back of the “Cash for your Gold” craze, this Meath based Car Dealer plans to give you money for your car. You simply enter your car registration number, submit a few small details and they will be in touch with you, hopefully with a big wad of cash!

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