Google Wave
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It’s only been just over a year since Google announced what they believed would be the next generation of communication online. Google Wave was hyped to be one the most amazing developments the Internet had seen since the adoption of email. It was launched at the Google I/O last year to a chorus of “oohhsss” and “aaahhhsss” from the audience of developers and Google enthusiasts.

Although most of us in the industry were excited by the technology demonstrated by Google Wave, there were some of us who didn’t see Google’s vision of Google Wave replacing email. Google Wave for me was always too complicated when compared to email and I could never see a mass uptake of it.

Yes Google Wave certainly had its uses and it was only last week that it was announced Google were pitching Wave as a tool for use with health record management. Maybe I should have spotted the writing on the wall at that stage? Google were clearly losing faith in the system, so much so that they were in the market looking for alternative uses.

It’s sad to see today that Google have officially announced that the development of Google Wave has been ceased. Let’s face it, Google Wave is only out of beta for possibly 2 months or more. You can read more on their blog here :

It’s great to see a company with massive ambition, but the idea that they could replace email with a more cumbersome and feature rich application just never cut it in my eyes. Email works because it’s simple!

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