How to change Netflix account on the PS3

Have you ever wanted to change the account associated with the Netflix app on your PS3, but could never figure out how?

Many online articles and forums recommend that you remove the Netflix app from your PS3 first, then download and reinstall again.

Luckily for you there’s a much easier way to change your Netflix account association.

Simply hold the START and SELECT button simultaneously on your PS3 controller AFTER you have clicked the Netflix app from the menu.

You should hold these buttons together right after you have chosen to load the Netflix app, even when it is a dark screen.

You will receive a message asking you if you’d like to reset your Netflix settings and re-register. Simples đŸ˜‰

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10 Free Apps for Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project)

If you haven’t tried the new Office 2013 yet, I’d recommend you take do. For those of you that already have a copy of Office 2013 are probably still adjusting to the new changes. Office 2013 is quite different to Office 2010. It comes with a brand new flatter style user interface, it is heavily “Cloud” driven and comes with a raft of new features. But one feature you may have overlooked is the Apps.

Yes, Office 2013 comes with a full App echo system that is referred to as Apps for Office. With Office 2013 you can download or buy apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project directly from within the applications themselves or via the Apps for Office Store. The apps can be inserted into your documents and can be used to enhance, add value or simply be used as extended tools for use while editing your Office documents.

The Store already has a number of apps to choose from, so I’ve put together a list of 10 Apps for Office 2013.


Maps for Office (Free Trial)
Maps for Office is a great little app that allows you to insert Google Maps into your Word documents. It also gives you a number of free themes to make cool looking maps that will wow those reading your document.


Wikipedia - Apps for Office 2013

One app that should be in everyone’s toolbox is the Wikipedia app from Microsoft. The app, as you’d expect, brings the power of Wikipedia directly into Word or Excel. You can search or allow the app to search Wikipedia from directly within Word or Excel. The results are nicely display in the Task pane for easy reference. This is a very useful research tool and feels amazing within Word.


Infogram for OfficeInfogram for Office 2013
The Infogram for Office app is a welcome feature to the Apps for Office collection. It brings the power of interactive data visualisation directly into Excel 2013. Create a number of interactive charts and place them directly into your Excel documents to bring life to those dull spreadsheets. This is a great app to visual your data in an interactive way, never before possible with an ordinary spreadsheet.


Britannica Researcher
Another great research tool, is the Britannica Researcher app for Office. Again, like the Wikipedia app, you can access the all the great content available on Britannica from directly within your Word document. The app is however a paid app and is available for just €3.99


Bing MapsBing Maps
The Bing Mapsis another great app for adding life to your Excel spreadsheets. The app allows you to visualise your location data within your Excel document. Simply add a few rows with your locations and statistical data and let the Bing Maps app do the rest. The map has all the controls you’d expect from an Interactive map such as zoom, pan and direction. Plotting data on a map couldn’t get much easier.

Percentage Calculator app for OfficePercentage Calculator
The Percentage Calculator app on the face of it may seem a little pointless – however, this app is surprisingly useful. The app is available for both Word & Excel 2013 in the form of a task pane app. It allows you to calculate most (if not all) percentage calculations and if needs be, you can insert the results into your document. Definitely worthy of being in your app toolbox.


Contextual for Word 2013
Disclaimer… I created this app myself, so of course I think this is a great app! :) – all joking aside, this app is built to help you add images and article references to your Word document. The app  scans a selection of text or the whole document and returns contextually related content that you can then include in your document. The content that can be included consists of images and articles from around the Internet. It’s free, so no harm in adding it to your app collection!


People Graph App for OfficePeople Graph
People Graph is another data visualisation app that acts as a mini “infogram” within your Excel document. Within a few easy clicks you can visualise your data directly in Excel. Currently it offers just 3 charts with 7 different themes. But it will sufficiently perform for most related data visualisation scenarios.


Bing Image Search
Bing Image Search app for Office is a task pane app that allows you to search for images on the web from within your word document. You can set it to automatically search for images based on the content you’ve highlighted in your document or of course, you can simply search from directly within the app itself.


IMG EffectorIMG Effector
This is a very clever little app. The app allows you to select any image you’ve inserted in your document and apply a number of image effects to enhance the images. The enhanced images can then be inserted back into your document. Would be great to see more effects in the future – but still very useful in its current form.



The QR4Office app allows you to create a QR code and insert it into your document. This can be very useful for creating things like property listings, notice board adverts or simply for cataloguing personal items. The app allows you to customise the colour, background and size of the QR code.

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I’m back…

It’s been over a year, I know… but I’m back.

I will begin posting more regularly soon, but for now I’ll keep things short and sweet. I’ve had the most incredible year and a half and my life has changed immensely.

Will reveal all soon – but for now I just wanted to say hi!



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If you’re a smartphone user, you probably have your phone full of apps that enable easy and quick access to your most loved sources of information. I know I do and one that I was delighted to see released was’s Android App.

Typically, I had my mobile phone’s internet browser set to my Google IG page which listed my favourite news feeds on the homescreen when I opened it. I found after much use, I noticed that out of all the feeds I had listed, the one I used most was the breaking news feed.

The only problem with this that was that the content wasn’t mobile friendly when you visited the website and therefore it was a bit annoying trying to navigate and read content.

After checking out the news again last night on my mobile, I noticed that had gone “mobile” with their website, which was excellent. And to make things even better, they were advertising the fact that they now had an Android and iPhone App to boot! So off I went to download and install!

After installing the app, I fired it up and instantly noticed that the app was most likely developed with Titanium’s Appcelerator Development Platform – the “Restart is Required” message was a dead giveaway as it is a major bug bear for many Titanium mobile app developers on Android.

This is where I began to get worried about this app. A quick search on Google would have given the developer some very easy solutions to implement that would remove this message, but it appears they didn’t even bother looking into resolving this. Once I see this sort of laziness, I expect their to be more issues to come within the app.

And as expected, when the app restarted, I was instantly shown a runtime error. I’m given two options, Kill or Continue. If I wasn’t familiar with this error (as it’s not a “force kill” error that you’d come to expect with Android) I probably would have chosen Kill. This would have left me in an endless loop as the application would repeatedly restart until I choose the other option. I knew that I should be safe enough to choose Continue, so I did and continued to play with the app.

Again, it becomes blatantly obvious that the developer was either purely lazy or just had no inclination at all as to what way a user expects from a mobile app.

They presumed that people just want to see the latest articles when they land on the homescreen of the app. I sincerely doubt they did any sort of user testing and just went with their gut on how it should be presented. For me, I would expect the app to allow me to view a choice of categories from the homescreen or even given the ability to choose the categories that I would like to appear on the homescreen. Instead, I just get all the latest news articles in a list.

There is a “menu” button at the top left of the screen which allows you to choose from a radio buttoned list of categories, I’m not sure if this is just to select your default category or just choose a category from which you wish to view articles from. Either way, when you select an option from this list, you get a runtime error.

After playing around with it a bit more, in the hope that the app would improve (in some way), I noticed that they had another menu from the “menu” button on Android. Typically I would associated this with either extra settings or a refresh. In this case, it’s being used as a navigational tool. When you click this, it allows you to choose “News Menu” which brings you to a page which I feel in this app’s case really should be the homescreen.

As I continued through the app I received a number of “Force Kills”, which I just couldn’t take anymore of. I had to uninstall it.

This app could have been very useful to me, but unfortunately it’s just not. Apart from the errors, the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. They could really do with adding a widget or notification system to notify you over your preferred latest stories and make it worthwhile installing on your phone.

Let’s face it, all it’s doing for me at the moment is giving me an alternative way of viewing their news articles other than my browser. That’s just not enough to warrant installing an app on my phone. The space and memory on my phone is just too precious for me to give up for a pointless app.

In fairness to – most news apps in this space leave a lot to be desired. I could name a number of apps that just don’t get it right, even the mighty Sky leave a lot to be desired with their apps.

In’s case it’s as if a web developer has just decided one day that they can develop mobile apps. They expect the user experience to be much like the web but it’s really not. Mobile is different, people engage differently and expect a lot more than a web page from their mobile app. Website design company Seattle offers best solutions in such situations.

At the moment there is very little reason for me to move away from using my browser to access this site. Their app is pretty useless to me. In fact, I have more control with a browser and their RSS feeds!

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