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The Lisbon Treaty – what way will you vote?

It won’t be long now before we go to the polls to vote on the latest “re-jig” of the treaty that was rejected some years ago and I’m still none the wiser as to what way to vote.

So far all the government and the treaty supporters seem to be saying is that it will make us “look” bad if we don’t give it the green light. But not one of them has talked about the benefits of ratifying the Lisbon Treaty. I’ve seen them say that we could lose jobs, lose out on the funding for farmers and the best one, lose FACE!

On the other side of the coin we have the No campaigners. Although some of their claims can be failry debatable, they are at least talking in lay mans terms and telling us what the cons of signing the treaty will bring.

For example, take the issue surrounding our neutral status. The yes voters continue to say it won’t affect our neutrality at all, however, the No voters rightly say (IMO) that it will. The solidarity clause of the treaty states that “Member States are obliged to assist each other if one is the victim of a terrorist attack or a natural or man made disaster. The precise details of this co-operation would have to be agreed unanimously by the Council.”

Another key issue for me is Tax, especially corporate tax. From what I have read and from the information I get from the No campaigners is that they EU will have the ability to control our tax rates. The yes campaigners say they won’t but don’t back it up with anything.

There are many other issues not to mention the fact that after 800 years of oppression we can so easily hand over the rule of our country to someone else – I don’t get that one, but Bertie Ahern thinks that is just a “nostalgic dream” which is quite offensive… anyway, would love to hear from other people what they think.

Maybe the debate can start here and you can all try to make me a yes or no’er! :)

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Bertie Ahern resigns

Just heard Bertie Ahern has resigned… Don’t know much else right now. His announcement is quite surprising, but that’s typical Bertie!

That’s one off my new years list … 😉

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