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Free Business Advice Hub in North Dublin

The Get Ireland Working Team ( who have run 9 successful advice hub meetings since the start of the pilot program (1st July 2010) in the Kilbarrack Social Welfare Local Office catchment area are running another Free Business Advice Hub on the 28th of September. The event which will be held at Suttonians Rugby Football Club at 8pm, is open to any new or small business.

The Get Ireland Working Team have got together with a number of successful business people who have volunteered to share their experience with you for free. They are available to help you build your business start-up idea or existing business.

For more information contact

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More spammers… Avvio on behalf of Dylan Hotel Dublin

I absolutely hate spam, I have no problem with someone emailing me personally to tell me of a product or service they provide, that could in some way be of benefit to me. I much prefer this than a phone-call from them. They have a better chance of me reading it, than taking a call.

So when I get emails about spending Christmas at Dylans Hotel in Dublin, from a so called reputable firm in the shape of Avvio, that has obviously been sent to every business in Dublin, it really annoys me.

I don’t want to know about spending Christmas in a Dublin hotel, since I spend all of my Christmas’s at home with my family in ….. DUBLIN!! I have absolutely no intention of changing this situation because of a spam email you sent me.

I also hate being included on a database of a company that I have no relationship with and then being asked to visit their website to remove me from a list that I never asked to be part of. A huge waste of my valuable time.

If you ever thought I could be a potential customer, well now it’s extremely unlikely that I will ever be a customer. Rant over….

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