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I thought the answer to the question posted by Keith Shirley on his blog was quite obvious. I don’t know anyone that enjoys receiving spam. How many people do you know?

I would be one of those bloggers that regularly complain about spammers on my blog. The reason I do it is because I have a very low opinion of those businesses that do.

For me there is a clear distinction between a spam email and a service offering from a potential supplier. If an email arrives in my inbox from a business offering their services and it is clearly meant for me and not emailed to a thousand other similar businesses, I will take the time to respond. Whether it’s a simple “No Thanks” or “Yes Please”, if they have made an effort to find out who I am and what I do and what I could possibly require for my business, I will take the time to respond.

However, when I get a blanket bombed email from a lazy spammer who has sent the same apparently sincere email begging for my business to thousands of people – I don’t see why I should bother having to spend my valuable time responding to someone that was too lazy to do any sort of research.

The sooner we cut out this lazy marketing approach the better, for everyone. I won’t even bother going into statistics, we all know that we all get a lot of spam and no-one needs it.

So to Keith Shirley – we freak out because we are sick and tired of it – Mulley was right to out these lazy arrogant time wasters who for some reason think they are offering some sort of valuable service. For you to provide these time-wasters with the knowledge to get around the legal loops of the anti-spamming law is making a mockery of it all.

Why not provide people with the information and the know how to properly marketĀ  their business with email and the Internet instead? Then we all wouldn’t have to put up with spam emails.

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