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Ticketmasters terrible credit card system

I just tried to order Beyonce tickets this morning for a friend of mine on Ticketmaster and what a nightmare it was. I had got the best seats in the house for her, right at the front in the centre of O2 arena in Dublin.

When I went to purchase the tickets it had a stored version of my card. The only item it would allow you to change was the expiry date. Of course, since my card expired in late 2008, I needed to change the security code. There was no option to do this. If there was, you certainly would find out how to in the limit of 2 minutes you have to complete the process.

So I decided to try add “a new card”, as there was an option for this. And guess what? The system told me I couldn’t use this new registered card because it was the same as one that had already been registered. Talk about bad testing….

Anyway, I just found out how to put in my new card. I need to remove it first and then add it again. This is really poor because you don’t have the option to do this when select your tickets.

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The Turkey never had a chance

Estonia rehearsing at Eurovision 2006. Taken by Chris Melville.

Another year without the Eurovision for the Irish. Our great hope, Dustin the Turkey didn’t make the last 10 in the semi-final of the Eurovision song contest. This means we will have no-one representing Ireland in the Eurovision this year.

To be honest, I’m quite happy that he didn’t make it. What a joke putting him through in the first place. The arrogance of this country shows through yet again when we thought we could send a Turkey to the Eurovision and win it…

Maybe I’m taking this a little too seriously!

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