Well happy New Year to you too….

Today I’m just back from a great Christmas break andĀ eager to get moving on bringing 2bscene (and other projects) to another level this year. A short break does wonders for the body and mind. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in work and lie in the trenches when you’re busy, but the break helps rejuvenate your brain and start thinking of how to improve things to give an even better level of service.

After sifting through hundreds of emails though, one email caught my eye from a guy calling himself Daithi Boyce. I tried to make sense of it by adding a bit of grammar….:

tom ur an asshole. not only did you do a great deal. well didnt fuckin help with the starview boxs s with all your shite on the net. now you telling people about netopia routers your a fucking killjoy. i suppose youve loads of fucking money to buy what you want. not like all other people i leave mine unsecured so they can use as they wish but id say your either locked up to the hilt or too greedy to use the net at home. id fucking love it if i knew how to fuck up your site but id say some1 will the way things are going. regards you greedt prick
signed daithi

Well Happy New Year to you too Daithi, I really don’t understand how I’ve annoyed you. Do you think it’s ok to steal services from providers just because you can or that it’s too expensive? Well I personally don’t. But I do agree with you that it’s not fair that these services are not affordable for everyone. But only by getting people to talk with their money will change this.

Since the Starview boxes have stopped working, most people I know that had one have moved on to Sky. It’s a cheaper and better service than the one provided by NTL. I’m sure that once NTL start noticing this trend, they will start to think of providing a better, cheaper service.

In relation to Eircom‘s routers… If you look at the statistics of this site – most people find this site looking for ways to hack eircom’s routers – not to prevent themselves from being hacked. While the NTL situation only affected the corporate company, the Eircom situation is much different. It’s completely wrong for an unsuspecting person to have to pay for someone who logs on to their network uninvited and racks up a bill for that person because they didn’t know they were susceptible to this hack. I don’t have loads of money as you think, so the thought of me being hacked and someone exceeding my bandwidth limit frigthens the hell out of me… it’s not cheap!!!!

In saying all that – you just have to visit any suburban housing estate in Dublin and I’m sure you’ll find there are still hundreds (if not thousands) of open Eircom routers still vulnerable to the attack mentioned on this blog.

So you can continue with your one man crusade in taking down my website, I do however have your ip address, email address and your name if such an unlikely event takes place….

Happy New Year! :)

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