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Google Wave – the next generation of communication?

Lars Rasmussen introduces Google Wave
Image by dailylifeofmojo via Flickr

Within minutes of Microsoft launching their new search system that is set to revolutionise the way we search, Google announced one of the most innovative applications yet to grace the World Wide Web.

Microsoft must have been so disappointed when all the web and blog headlines were NOT about their new search engine strangely named Bing. No, what caught every web enthusiasts eye was the launch of Google Wave.

Google Wave is Google’s attempt to rid the World of our archaic emailing system. They began their presentation with the notion of how old email has become in its 40 years of existence. It’s something that was designed and developed in a time when instant messaging, cloud computing, Facebook, Bebo and other social networking sites didn’t exist. They believe that now is the time to make the change to a new more advanced system that will incorporate all the “real-time” functionality that most of us live and breathe today.

Although I have to admit some of the functionality is mind-blowing and in places hugely innovative –  albeit that the system is developed with the yet to be fully HTML 5 standard – I’m yet to be convinced that it will actually replace people’s use of email.I just can’t see the normal joe soap trying to get to grips with this system when they hardly understand how to cc a number of people in a simple email.

Google plan to release a lot of this innovative code as part of their Google Web ToolKit which is an absolute dream for any web developer. They will also provide a fully open API which will allow developers to use the power of the system for their own applications, whether it be web, mobile or desktop!

One side of me is so excited about the release of Google Wave. That is the programmer side of me, the one that lives and breathes web innovation – we haven’t had anything like this in years! The other side – I’m kind of like, “so what?”. I personally see it as being the final string in Google’s stealth approach to building the World’s largest social network.

What do you think? Have a look at the launch here:

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Sending screenshots in MSN Live Messenger


We couldn’t live without some sort of Instant Messenger in our company. We have 2 remote workers working from Belfast and Germany, so being in constant contact with them is of utmost importance.

Working in the web design industry, meants that we have to be constantly testing our work on different browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions, it is very much part of our daily working life. Exchanging screenshots of our results is a critical requirement of the job.

In the past there was never an easy way of sending screenshots through MSN Live Messenger. We’d have to install an extra plugin such as MSN Plus to give us an easier way of sending the screenshots.

But not anymore, now with the latest release of MSN Live Messenger, you can simply perform a “print screen”, paste it into the the MSN Live Messenger window and voila, you’ve shared images with your correspondant.

It’s simple features like these that makes our job so much easier! :)

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