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Why I’m voting No to Lisbon… Again…

Well here it is, we are all set to take to the polls again and tell the government that we are silly people and that we were wrong to reject the Lisbon Treaty on the last time of asking… That’s what they want us to say anyway… But I will yet again be standing firm on my no vote. The complete arrogance of this government makes me sick every time I turn on the radio, TV or read a newspaper it’s there to be seen in full view.

My reasons are quite similar to my last post for the election last time round – you can read them here >>

The nation spoke and the government didn’t listen – they seem to think that getting a few “legal guarantees” on the hot topics from the last vote is enough to change our minds. Maybe it is, but they obviously don’t think it is or else they wouldn’t be using scaremongering tactics to frighten people into voting yes this time round.

I’m absolutely appalled by their campaign this time round. “Vote Yes for Jobs”, “We’re Safer in Europe“, “Yes for the economy”, “Yes to Protect Jobs” or “Yes for my future”. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t cut it.

First and foremost for me is democracy. So far I have seen little guarentee’s of our democratic rights. We say No, the government thinks we really meant yes and here, we’ll get you to vote again and scaremonger you into a yes vote. What ample timing the recession was huh? Let’s harp on about how good Europe will be for jobs and security. Yet again the government fail to respect the Irish republic and just think we’re a bunch of eejits.

I am a fan of Ireland being part of Europe, but not at the sake of democracy. Fianna Fail are putting a lot of effort into letting people know about the guarantee of an Irish commissioner that will have a veto on any decision being made in the European parliament. We’ve already seen first hand how Europe treats a veto – yep, they get us to vote again on the exact same treaty and expect us to make it a yes this time.

If our government had made any attempt to get the guarantees put into the treaty instead of some silly “legal guarantee” then maybe I may have voted yes.

I’m sick of hearing that if we vote NO, we will look terrible to other countries in the European commission. How bad will it look to other member states if Ireland are thrown out of Europe? Will this be something other countries will want to be a part of?

Mr. Cowen, you are treating us like the stoopid Irish again – hopefully we’ll all give you a resounding NO again this time around. Let’s see what you can actually deliver for this country then, since you don’t seem to be doing anything to save our economy.

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Shopping up North or abroad is unpatriotic?

As Christmas approaches I like many others I am sure, are out looking for the best bargains we can get when buying Christmas presents for our loved ones.

Unfortunately, the best prices available to us are not in my beloved country that is Rip Off Ireland. For too long all of us in this country have been fleeced with exorbitant prices that all our retailers have been happy to dish out during the good times.

Now as we venture further into one of the worst economic climates in decades, politicians (our government, the same government who want us to shop around for health insurance) and others are suggesting that it is our patriotic duty to shop in Ireland only.

Well I’m sorry, I just don’t agree.

Why should we continue to pay southern Irish retailers above the odds for the same product that we can get much cheaper up North. Why should we continue to pay more for products produced in southern Ireland than those who live up North? In some cases as much as 50% more!

The retailers usual excuse is that the costs of running a business up North is a lot cheaper than in the South. They fail to see however, that they were part of cause of this rip off culture. It’s been a viscious roundabout that they were happy to jump on when the times were good and take huge margins on the products they sold.

Remember, we are a member of the European Union, which lives and breathes on the ideology of free trade between member states. So if we as a democratic country voted to be part of Europe, they we are being patriotic by purchasing goods in our member states.

To rub salt in the wounds, a report in today’s Irish Times suggest there have been massive increases in the price of products being sold by the large supermarket chains in Ireland. Yet, they still complain about us shopping over the border.

I remember the days where you would visit your local supermarket and be greeted with huge “Buy Irish” signs. In those days, it was worth it to buy Irish, nowadays however, it’s not.

Retailers should have seen the signs on the wall ages ago and done something “outside the box” to be prepared for this, but no, they were happy to continue ripping us off.

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