Yes I agree, it’s great news that Women’s Boxing is now included in the line up of sports for London 2012. But being completely honest, I probably wouldn’t have cared that much if we hadn’t got one of the World’s greatest woman boxers living on our island.

Since it was announced, the papers and just about everyone else I have spoken to are raving about the prospect of Ireland gaining another Olympic gold medal. But for me, I can’t help but feel sorry for Katie Taylor.

Three years is a long way away for anyone – anything could happen in those three years. God forbid that Katie Taylor falls in love and decides she wants to settle down and have her life to herself. Or what if she decides she wants to focus more on her footballing career? (I’m sure she wouldn’t, but it’s her life!)

What way would the nation look on her if she decided that she simply didn’t want to fight in the Olympics?

The sad fact is that Ireland as a nation now believe they own Katie and I just hope she has the strength of character to carry her through what will obviously be a long and hard training regime for 2012 – with the weight of expectation from the nation of Ireland on her shoulders.

All I can say is, if you do decide to fight Katie – I wish you the very best of luck – I’m sure you will win the Gold (no pressure!) :)

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