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Microsoft Vista SP2 Released

Microsoft released the new service pack for Windows Vista and Windows 2008 over night.

Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 includes improvements to windows media center, windows search 4 and removes the limit of 10 half open outbound TCP connections amoung many other improvements.

You can download SP2 for the 32-bit version here and the 64-bit version here

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Sending screenshots in MSN Live Messenger


We couldn’t live without some sort of Instant Messenger in our company. We have 2 remote workers working from Belfast and Germany, so being in constant contact with them is of utmost importance.

Working in the web design industry, meants that we have to be constantly testing our work on different browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions, it is very much part of our daily working life. Exchanging screenshots of our results is a critical requirement of the job.

In the past there was never an easy way of sending screenshots through MSN Live Messenger. We’d have to install an extra plugin such as MSN Plus to give us an easier way of sending the screenshots.

But not anymore, now with the latest release of MSN Live Messenger, you can simply perform a “print screen”, paste it into the the MSN Live Messenger window and voila, you’ve shared images with your correspondant.

It’s simple features like these that makes our job so much easier! :)

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