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Getting your website listed on Google

Another common question we are asked on a regular basis is, “How do I get my website listed on Google�?

Getting your website listed on Google, is probably one of the easiest things to do when it comes to marketing your website online. It takes only one of a few small steps to make Google’s search bots aware of your website. But just how quickly these search bots come crawling your website to include your website in their search results page depends on which route you take to try get it listed.

When you do eventually get your website listed on Google, remember that this is only half the battle. If you haven’t taken other steps to optimise your website, the likelyhood is that that your website will only be found if someone is looking for your brand or company name.

When 75-80% of people looking for a product or service they require, you can quickly establish that being found only for your business or brand isn’t going to be enough to get the kind of traffic you want.

Here are 4 simple ways of getting your website listed on Google:

  1. Use the Google Add URL page
    Google allows you to add your website address to Google using the following page This is probably one of the slowest methods of achieving a listing on Google but it works none-the-less.

  2. Get links from other websites
    This method is by far the best way in which you can use to get listed on Google. Links from third party websites are the cornerstone of search engine optimisation, so if you have another website or know someone else who has one, ask them to put a link on their most popular page back to your website.

    It’s not enough to get a link from a page hidden deep down in someone else’s website. The trick is to find a page with a high Google PageRank*. Pages with a higer PageRank are generally crawled by Search Engines more regaularly than those with lower PageRank.

    *The PAGE (and not website) that you receive the link from should ideally have a Google PageRank of 4 or more. You can check a web pages Google PageRank, by downloading and installing the Google Toolbar ( You will need to edit the settings in order to turn it on.

  3. Socialise
    What I mean by this is that you should start letting people know about your website. Whether that be through posting your link on Twitter, Facebook or even commenting on your favourite blog or discussion forum it all helps to generate links back to your website.

    What I don’t mean is that you should go spamming the world with links back to your website. Using Twitter for example, you post a link to your website and ask your followers to the visit the website. Or when commenting on a blog article, include your website address as part of the posting process.

  4. Add your site to Search Directories
    If all else fails and you are finding it hard to get links back to your website, you can always look at getting links from web directories. There are thousands of search directories that allow you to add your link for free. The same methodology for getting links from other websites applies, look for PAGES with a PageRank of 4 or more.

    Here are a few Irish directories you could add your website to:

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Search Engine Marketing Tips from Microsoft

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

Microsoft‘s Live Search Webmaster Centre Blog has started a new blog series on Search Engine Marketing. Topics to be covered include tips on how to improve your conversions from your website to how to run a successful pay per click campaign.

They also plan to include a new section to cover topics specific to search engine marketing. The first post will be titled “What is SEM and why does it matter?”

More information over here :

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Making your website work for you during the recession

I have seen a huge upturn in businesses looking to improve their online presence since the recession has taken hold. However, most people approaching us just want their website to be on the top of the Google results. It’s as if they have swallowed a handful of books on SEO and all of sudden think this is all they have to do to generate business online.

I agree, being on top of Google for products or services that your business provides is definitely a key part of any online presence, however it doesn’t just stop there. It takes a lot more to make your website work for your business.

Since the recession took hold, I have seen that more and more people are increasingly beginning to shop around and they seem to be taking a lot longer to make their purchasing decision. The time has come for you to take a serious look at your website and see where you can improve it, to make money online through this recession.


  1. Design
    I am a believer that design is subjective, let that not be confused with “good design” which is more of a usability issue. I like blue, you like green, we’re all different, so our tastes will be different. However, keeping your website design clean, neat and concise is of the utmost importance.Think of it like this, who would you buy from, the shop with the messy shop front and interior or the one that is clean and presents itself well? So if your website looks like it’s “dirty”, talk to your web designer to see if there is anything they can do for you.
  2. Usability
    If the visitors to your high-street store can’t open the door or can’t find that beautiful pair of jeans in the window, you’ve quite simply lost the sale.It’s the very same on your website.If visitors can’t get to the areas that interest them quickly and easily, they will leave your website in an instant. So If you have an important message to get across – make it as clear as possible and provide plenty of call-to-actions so that they can interact with you as easily as possible.

    Access to key areas within one click (where possible) is extremely important. Avoid creating a situation where the user has to go all the way back to the homepage to get to another area of your site. Think of it like going into a shopping centre, can you imagine visiting each shop and then having to return to the entrance to find another store?

  3. Online Marketing / SEO / SEM
    There is so much you can do to promote your business online. Although I do believe that targeting the organic search results in the major search engines is one of the most important elements of online marketing, it is also one of the slowest and most time consuming. Fingers crossed we will begin to see the recession fade very soon, have you really got six months to wait until you appear on top of the organic search results?So in the meantime don’t be afraid to dabble in different areas of online marketing. Pay Per Click campaigns don’t have to be expensive if done strategically. Creating a simple Twitter special offer campaign can be thought up in a few minutes of brainstorming. Writing an article on your blog with inside information that will make people turn their heads and get exposure for your business. All of these are done quite simply and shouldn’t take more than a day to get it done.

So if you are sitting on your thumbs waiting on the next customer to come in the door, now is the time to reassess your web presence and see what you can do to improve things.

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