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MyP2P Gone – Where do I get Premiership football now?

A couple of weeks ago, the great website went down. I’m not entirely sure what happened with it, but no doubt it was because they were in breach of copyright law by streaming copyrighted content across the Internet for free.

MyP2P was by far the best website on the Internet to get easy access to online streaming sports content. You could go on to MyP2P and choose your sport and view a list of currently live broadcasting games with multiple links to various live streams. You could pretty much see any sport, live online within minutes.

MyP2P however, didn’t provide the streams, it was simply a facilitator to those who streamed the actual content. A bit like the whole PirateBay scenario.

Now that it’s gone, it’s not as easy to find these streams, so I’ve been looking around to try find the best sites that offer a similar service.

Of course – the crowd from MyP2P appear to have set up a new site – although it’s nowhere near as good as the previous site.

Here’s another few worth looking at if you want to watch live streaming football or whatever sport you’d prefer to watch! 

Of course, if you want to simply watch the goals the next day… don’t forget

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UPC eBilling Registration & Sign Up Process

NTL Communications (Ireland) Limited
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I got a letter in the post today with my standard UPC / NTL bill suggesting that I go online and register for their new eBilling system. This would mean that I would no longer receive paper bills to my home address, but instead I would receive a text message when my new bill was available online.

All I had to do was simply go online and register my details to start using this system straight away. Since I use the Internet everyday, this solution sounded great to me.

Upon visiting the UPC website, I thought that since they had sent out these letters with their monthly bills, that it would be quite obvious when you visited there website where to register your details. Unfortunately, they hadn’t got any large graphic to entice me to register, so I had to look a little harder to find what I was looking for.

After clicking the button for the eBilling registration, it brought me to a page where it informed me that I needed to register for an an account on the UPC website, which is fair enough. When you entered the registration page – it asked you to enter your customer number and surname. The problem was that your customer number, isn’t to be entered as it appears on your bill. They do mention this fact above the form, but they could have made this a lot more intuitive by including beside the field in which the number had to be entered.

That’s not what annoyed me most anyway… I continue…..

After filling out this form, I was presented with a new form where it asked me to enter my personal information. It looked pretty straight forward so I started to fill it in. Then I came to the security question, I have never seen such a ridiculous choice of questions.


1. I don’t have a favourite band… I like a lot of bands…
2. I don’t have a favourite book, I have many
3. Teacher?? I don’t remember liking any teacher when I was at school!
4. Food/Drink….. Still don’t have a favourite
5. TV Show??? I hardly ever watch TV unless it’s football
6. I find it hard to remember my own mobile number at this stage, god forbid trying to remember a number from my childhood!!

Ok that’s fine, if I must – I’ll just enter one of my favourite bands, sure it’s not as if I’m ever going to forget my password is it?

I started typing my selected band into the answer field and this is where we see another ridiculous example of bad usability. Yes, the form field was in fact a password field. So even if I did have an answer, God knows what I actually put in that field, because all I could see were a serious of hashed out characters.

I continue on, as I’m not too concerned about this aspect anyway. Next stop “Work Phone Number”… I thought to myself, “I don’t ever want them contacting me in work, they can shag off, they’re not getting that number”. I proceeded to fill in the rest of the form and hit the register button.

ERROR!!! “You must fill in your work number” –

Huh??? Why??? What do you need that for???
So I decided to put in NA…

ERROR!!! “You must enter a number between 7 and 11 characters long”.

I obviously resorted to putting in a dodgy number, possibly some other poor soul who will get phone-calls from UPC for God knows what.

UPC, you need to take a serious look and your registeration process!!

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UPC / NTL launch High Definition TV service

NTL Communications (Ireland) Limited
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It may be many moons behind, but the UPC‘s launch of it’s new High Definition TV service is a very much welcomed addition its list of services. UPC have been doing some great deals lately, in particular their broadband, TV and phone service from as little as €49 p.m., but this is surely their greatest offer yet.

For only an extra €7.50 per month to those who already have a digital NTL subscription, you can now get a High Defintion service. So what’s the catch you might say? Well I personally rang them up to avail of the offer, but they unfortunately don’t have it in my area yet.

UPC / NTL’s lack of availability is surely one the biggest downfalls in terms of their business offering. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to avail of one of their services only to be told it’s not yet available in my area. I’m getting closer to switching to Sky every day – I have a HD TV that I simply can’t get use out of… C’mon UPC, get your act together!

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Dodgy box dealer being sued by UPC

UPC Romania

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Well well well, finally UPC are starting to deal with the Dodgy box situation that has been rife in this country for the last few years. Rather than try offer a better service, they have gone after the dealers.

One dealer of the notorious Starview and Eurovox dodgy boxes is to be sued by UPC and Nagravision for importing and selling devices that allow consumers to access subscription content for free.

You can read the full article here >

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How NTL / UPC can beat the Starview Box

UPC Romania

For quite some time now, NTL/UPC have had a thorn stuck in their foot. That thorn is something commonly known as a “dodgy box” or the official name “starview box” / “The box”.

The dodgy box allows non technical home users hook on to a basic NTL / UPC analog line and receive digitial TV including fully subscription based channels – free of charge.

In fairness to NTL, they’ve tried everything they can to beat these boxes. From sending out sensational rumours (i.e. a rumour that viruses could be sent down the line to these boxes) to constantly disrupting the service by changing the encryption code. Although I’m sure it suceeded in removing the “plug n play” type users, who don’t understand why their TV doesn’t work when it’s unplugged, it certainly hasn’t deterred those who know what they are doing.

So how can they really beat these rogue thieves from stealing their service? Well I think it’s quite simple and they seem to be making a step towards this.

Personally, if I think a service is good enough, I don’t mind paying extra for value. Recently NTL/UPC sent me a letter stating that they were upgrading all digital customers in my area to facilitate the new services they have coming online. In cable forums across the UK and Ireland, the rumour is that they are doing this so that they can start using a new encyption that will make the majority of these dodgy boxes as useful as a doorstop.

In the letter they mentioned that they were offering a new “DVR service”. This is NTL/UPC’s attempt at competing against the might Sky’s – SKy Plus, that allows you to pause and record live TV. Unlike Sky, they were offering this new service at only €5 per month, with no charge for the upgraded device. I thought, why not? €5, it’s well worth it.

So it got me thinking of what else they could offer:

  1. Improved DVR service
    Although the new service is much welcomed, it’s not a patch on Sky Plus. The interface is slow and doesn’t allow certain things like Sky Plus does.
  2. More Channels
    I think they could easily offer more channels to their package. Just by adding free-to-air channels, surely there’s little if any cost for them to do this. They recently removed my beloved Scuzz music channel without any notice – this was a free to air channel, that I’m sure they weren’t paying for.
  3. A True Digital Service
    It’s taken a while for NTL to offer even the basic pause live TV function, but some interactive functions would be really nice, like shopping online etc. Or even just the ability to “click the red button” 😉
  4. Interactive Gaming
    Not something I’d personally use that often, but a drawer none the less.
  5. Cheaper Price
    Obviously I’m going to say this, but the price comparison between NTL/UPC and Sky is just non existent. Sky just offer a greater package, even though they are slightly more expensive. This could be a huge turning point for People to use NTL / UPC over Sky.

The DVR is a step in the right direction, but I know they could offer a lot more.

In fact, a quick review on the DVR system isn’t very impressive. It’s apparently a Thomson 6000 series device. The EPG is slow to load and quite finicky. Other pet hates are the fact that you can’t record from an external device, even though it allows you to channel it through it.

Anyway, I’m just giving out now 😉

All in all – if there was an improved, value for money service on the table, I believe people wouldn’t be bothered trying to hack the network with these dodgy boxes.

Updating a starview box, if you don’t have any friends to do it, can cost anything from €10 – €50. Why would they bother with the constant updates when you have a cheap, better alternative?

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