Voluntary Health Insurance Board

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I’m sorry but I just hate VHI…. After all the recent nonsense about risk equalisation, they continue to show what a useless, money grabbing company they really are.

On the heels of last years 12.5% increase, they now plan an increase of 8.5% to come into effect this September. Even when they report a surplus of €70million in their last financial year, they insist this new increase is necessary to ensure members can access new treatments.

“There’s absolutely no point in saying we’ve kept your premiums low, but unfortunately that new cancer drug or that new cardiac prosthesis or that new diagnostic procedure isn’t available to you because we can’t afford it.” said CEO Vincent Sheridan.

I’m sorry, but for me, I can’t see how they can justify this. If they need more money, why not do what the other players in the market do… learn to be innovative, reduce costs and quite simply make their company and products more attractive and affordable. That way they could increase their subscriptions and not need to force an increase on their existing customers.

Anyone who is currently with VHI, I strongly suggest moving on to www.vivas.ie or www.quinn-healthcare.com as soon as possible!!

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