20px|Windows Live Logo Windows Live SkyDriveIn May this year, Microsoft launched a new service to the World called Windows Live SkyDrive. Formally known as Windows Live Folders, the service offers users the ability to upload, store and share files in their own file storage area. I just recently became aware of this and decided to try it out.

It seemed for sometime that it was just way too expensive to choose an online backup solution. No-one seemed that interested.

Online backups just make so much sense though and should not be overlooked. Why have a tape drive or external hard drive backup that you either have to remember to change tapes or take a copy off-site every night. Isn’t it much easier to schedule your computer to do it to a remote location without any interaction from a human? It makes so much sense, of course until you see how costly it could get.

Nowadays, companies offering online back-ups are becoming more and more popular. It was obvious that someday it would be requirement with all the information people want to store, from music to photos. A typical hard drive nowadays fills to the brim pretty quickly.

So what does Windows Live SkyDrive offer as a solution?

Well from a space size, it’s pretty darn good. 5GB of free space.
The user interface is really simple and easy to understand. It allows you to select files for public and private viewing. you can also download a simple program that allows you to easily upload files in a drag and drop fashion.

FWindows Live SkyDriverom a backup point of view, is it any good though?
So far I fail to see how I could possibly use it as a backup service. Its biggest downfall is the fact that you have to drag files individually to upload. You can’t for example drag a folder onto it or else you get an error.

Most online backup solutions offer you a decent piece of software that will allow you to not only schedule file uploads but will also check to see what files have changed rather than uploading everything again.

So for now, Windows Live SkyDrive just isn’t the solution for me. But! I pity anyone trying to make a business out of this, because I’m sure it won’t be long before Microsoft will launch a backup tool that can be used with Windows Live SkyDrive.

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