How do I create a successful website? Well this can only be answered after you have ascertained what your goals are and what you will class as having a successful website.

Most businesses simply want to use their website as a sales leads generation tool and for those, we have put together a list of tips for creating a successful website.

  1. Planning
    In the words of footballing legend Roy Keane – “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”.
    You need to ask yourself a list of key questions before you begin developing your website:       

    a) What is the sole purpose of the website?
    b) Who and where are my target audience?
    c) What services/products will I be able to sell online?
    d) How will the website be marketed?
    e) How will I keep them coming back for more?

    If you can answer all of these questions, you are ready to move ahead to the next stage….

  2. Web Design
    Good web design is not about fancy graphics, it’s about creating an accessible person centred website that will allow users to easily navigate your website and find the information they seek and where possible easily make contact with you.     

    Your website should keep all your corporate branding that you may have used on your company stationary etc.

    Most people hate change, so you should try and keep your website similar to the most visited websites. For example, a shopping site should be as easy to use as say

    There are of course technical issues that you should ensure are covered by your web designer. Things like ensuring that your website can be seen as you have designed it on all different browsers and screen resolutions.

  3. Web Development
    Ok well there’s a lot to cover here and this really depends on what you have decided you are doing with your website. There are a few basic items that I would ask your developer to do.     

    a) Create each page with their own title and meta tags, this just prevents the possibility of any duplicate content penalties from Google.

    b) Search Engine Friendly URLs – This is a must. Search engines give less weight to sites with a URL like “” than a site that can produce a URL like this ““.

    c) Create/Install a Content Management System – It is essential for any site to be a success that you are in control of your website. You need some sort of content management system so that you can make changes when and where you please. A content management system also prevents you from needing to pay a web designer each time you need something changed on your website!

  4. Online Marketing
    Believe it or not, some web development companies still continue to “forget” to tell their clients that no-one will visit their website unless they market it. Build it and they will come…… ehhh, no they won’t.     

    If you are going to take any website seriously, you need to develop a good online marketing campaign and that does not mean it has to be expensive.

    There are many options available to you:

    a) Search Engine Optimisation – The act of getting your website listed in the generic search results of search engines. Contact us for more info 😉

    b) Pay-per-click campaigns – Google Adwords is now possibly the most used form of pay-per-click campaigns. A simple solution to get your site listed on the top of the search engine results instantly!

    c) Banner Advertisements – I personally am not a fan of banner ads. They can be very expensive and in terms of generating visits to your website they are near useless. For example, 250,000 impressions on will set you back about €1,800 (ex VAT) – going by recent trends you are likely to achieve between 0.8 and 1.8% clickthrough rate. So for €1,800 you are likely to get  between 300 and 4,500 hits to your website. This is something that can be achevied by spending a lot less money!

You may be saying that that is a very broad overview of how to create a successful website, but without knowing your requirements in detail it would be nonsensical to give specific details. We’re always here to answer your questions and give advice – You can ring us at +353-1-2190223


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