A common question for us in relation to online marketing is – How do I get my website listed on Google?

Our response to a query like this is that it is not enough for your website to be indexed by Google to get traffic to your website. The website must also be optimised for phrases relating to your business so that you can be found when someone searches for your services.

But, if you insist on wanting to simply get your site indexed by Google, here are a few things that you can do.

  1. Use the Google Add URL page
    Anyone can add their site to the Google Add URL page (Click here to view). I’m not a fan of this and in some cases feel this does more damage than good for new sites. But none the less, the facility is there!
  2. Add your site to Search Directories
    You should do this anyway as the more links you get the better! This will take longer to get you indexed as most directories take a while to update their databases. Steer clear of directories that don’t link directly to your website (some directories link to themselves and then redirect the user when they click a link). Also, when adding to directories, try add your website to a category with a high pagerank.
  3. Get a links from other websites
    This is by far the best thing to do. But any old site is not good enough. The PAGE (not website) you get a link on should ideally have a pagerank of 4 or more to be worthwhile. You should be picked up by and indexed within a couple of days with this scenario.

For checking the pagerank of websites download the Google Toolbar.

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