Over the last couple of months, there has been a growing trend among website owners to use video snippets on their homepage. In fact, enquiries into this facility are growing on a weekly basis.

So is it worthwhile? Should every company do this? Will it increase sales?

Although a lot of online marketing people are touting this as the next big thing in Internet marketing terms. I personally, am still undecided as to how beneficial this can be. On one hand, if done properly it could generate a lot of traffic to a website, but is it the type of traffic that you want?

I refuse to watch video snippets that are bombarded with “oh what a great company we are” and “we have this many happy customers” etc. Let’s face it – how many of us enjoy watching adverts?

So how can you use video snippets effectively now?

Take a look at Photoshop TV
Their program is downloaded by over 2 million viewers per month. The program is aimed at people who use Adobe Photoshop. Their sponsors range from stock imagery websites to writing tablet manufacturers.

Each sponsor not only has their logo plastered across the screen, but they also have the opportunity to promote new products that coincide with a tutorial the presenters may be giving.

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Downloading programs like Photoshop TV to your iPod is a new concept, but it’s one that is growing at a massive rate. So it is this form of video advertising that I think will benefit most businesses.

As for putting a video snippet on a homepage of your website – I think this is a waste of money and time. They say you’ve got 15 seconds to grab someones attention with a website, I don’t think a video is an effective way of doing this.

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