Ever wondered why your website doesn’t appear in the “sites from Ireland” search results in Google? Well this could be due to numerous factors. There are two simple steps to ensure your website will be found when someone searches using the “sites from Ireland” option in Google.

1. Domain Name
The easiest way to get a listing under the “sites from Ireland” search is to register a .ie domain name. Google automatically treats sites with a .ie domain name as a site from Ireland.

2. Hosting in Ireland
Google uses the ip address of your website to decide if it should list you in these results. A lot of companies opt to have their website in the US because it is generally cheaper than hosting a website in Ireland. Ideally you should move your website to an Irish based hosting company. If this isn’t an option, talk to your existing hosting company to see what they can do for you.

It’s that simple! :)

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