That time of year again, the launch of the Premiership Season 2006-2007 was marked with the traditional Community Sheild event.

This year it was the turn of Liverpool and Chelsea. A game that you think would provide immense entertainment. Chelsea ready to showcase their new signings Ballack and Shevchenko  to the preimership. While Liverpool were ready to show the rest of league that they have what it takes to be a serious contender for the leaugue this season.

Ballack had a warm welcome to the premiership. Only 6 minutes into the game, he had earned himself a yellow card for a rash challenge. Fifteen minutes later he was taken off with an injury to his hip.

Throughout the first half Liverpool looked the betterside. You could see that they really wanted to win this game and fought for everything in the middle of the park.

Chelsea to me looked like they had lost their shape as they tried to facilitate Ballack and Shevchenko. 4-3-3 just didn’t seem to suit them very well. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t drop Ballack deeper into a diamond shaoe formation to that he could be creative behind Shevchenko. But then again, maybe that’s what Lampard was supposed to be doing??

There were two moments of brilliance in the first half… Riise’s goal, which although was put down to a Goalkeeping error by commentators, was an outstanding goal in my opinion. To take the ball from his own box and score the way he did was fantastic. Even if the keeper did save it, it still would have been a magnificent effort.

The second moment of brilliance came from Shevchenko. You just knew he was going to score the moment the ball was played through the air to him from Lampard.

All in all, I thought Liverpool totally dominated Chelsea throughout the game and thoroughly deserved the win.

Chelsea to me looked over confident, lacking creativity and out of shape.

If this is the team we should all fear this season we have nothing to worry about. I do expect Chelsea to sort out these problems though and go ahead and win the premiership again this season.

My predictions for the premiership this season are:

1. Chelsea
2. Man United
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
I think United and Liverpool will be very close, but Chelsea will walk away with it again.

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