To manage any online marketing campaign, the onus is on the search engine optimiser to find tools that will help them create an unbeatable search engine marketing service. So I have put together a list of tools that every SEO expert should have in their toolbox!

  1. Nichebot Keyword Research Tool
    Researching your target keyphrases could not be easier than this. Not only is it an extremely powerful tool, it’s completely free to use the basic service!
  2. Link Popularity Checker
    There are hundreds of these available on the web, all of them do pretty much the same thing. Here’s one that we use.
  3. Google Dance Tool
    Google has many many data centers each updating a different times. This tool allows you to check how your site is performing in the search results on other Google datacenters.
  4. Keyword Density Tool
    Keyword density is important because search engines use this information to categorize a site’s theme, and to determine which terms the site is relevant to. This tool allows you to check your sites keyword density.
  5. Indexed Pages Tool
    You’ve added new pages to your website, but google has google picked them up yet? I tend to use the “” in a google search to find this out, but this checks the number of pages indexed across the major search engines!

I will add more overtime, so keep coming back!

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