It’s been a while since I posted a story about soccer. To be honest, I just have been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to talk about football!

But I had a quick look over my old posts the other day and noticed the one I wrote in August… You can read it here….

At the very end of the story, I posted this:

“My predictions for the premiership this season are:

1. Chelsea
2. Man United
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
I think United and Liverpool will be very close, but Chelsea will walk away with it again. ”

So far, the only thing I got right is that Liverpool and Arsenal are where I’d said they’d be – BUT – Arsenal have 2 games in hand and are only a pint behind.

The race at the top is way to close to call right now, that will most likely go all the way to the wire. So far it hasn’t been the greatest season ever, but interesting none the less to see how many people have turned and no longer like Chelsea. Chelsea in my opinion have been exceptionally poor in the way they played this season, very non-entertaining, but none-the-less grinding out results.

For me as a United fan, I hope we can stick it out, even though I gave Alex fergusaon so much abuse at the start of the season about his team – he has yet again proven me wrong – but that’s why I’m here and he’s there! And I hope to God we can stick it out!!! Cmon UNITED!!! 😉

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