A few months ago, someone told me about these new boxes doing the rounds that allow anyone with an analogue NTL connection to get all the digital channels without a monthly rental fee. I was intriqued.

So I set it as my mission to find out more.

After much research I found out what they were called – “Starview Boxes”. The going rate for one of these boxes in my area ranged from €250-400. So my next mission was to get my hands on one of these and see if they actually worked.

After much more searching on eBay (2 mins) I was able to find a starview box for €140 including delivery from the UK. The starview box was delivered to me within a couple of days.

I was like a child with a new toy when it arrived, the anticipation of seeing if that little silver box could actually get ALL the channels FREE was just too much to bear (just trying to make the story more interesting there…).

I got clear instructions in the email on setting it up. It told me how to get access to a hidden menu on the system that allowed me to set a setting that unscrambled all the scrambled channels. Menu -> 1570 etc…. and hey presto, I had access to all the channels that NTL provide on their digital service including all paid for stations.

As a paid for customer of NTL, I was shocked that it was this easy, but thought “no way, it can’t be true….. Maybe it’s because I already had digital that it worked for me”.

So I went off to try it in my mothers who only ever had the analogue NTL. Without changing a setting, it worked from the minute I plugged in the box. Now it must be noted, use of the box is illegal, but apparently selling the box isn’t….

Already, NTL have tried to rescramble the signal, but the box picked up the change and was working again within minutes…..

If I was NTL right now, I’d be seriously worried. Apparently in the UK, they now have boxes that will allow you to get a free broadband connection in a similar fashion.

Surely NTL can stop the use of these boxes? Are they even trying? How long can this continue? The popularity and knowledge of these boxes grow everyday….. they need to do something before they lose all their digital customers!

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