Only five months on and here we are with yet another racism row on Big Brother. Yet again, Endemol think they know what the right thing to do is in a situation like this. After the bad publicity they received from the last celebrity Big Brother, they wanted to come out looking like they really do take racist behaviour seriously. It reminded me of a child in school, they’e just been given out to and not they want to be in their teachers good books by ratting up one of their school mates. Endemol have acted in a completely childish and immature manner. It just shows they haven’t a clue what reality really is.

Let’s face it, the pop charts are filled these days with hip-hip music and a lot of themĀ use the phrase “Nigga”. We’ve had huge hits such as Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” in which the chorus goes “Now I aint sayin she a gold digger, But she aint messin wit no broke Niggas”. One of the worlds most successful hip-hop artists is a white guy we all know, Eminem who can be regularly heard using the word “nigga” in his songs. But it’s never taken out of context in these cases.

The youth of today have become normalised to the use of this word, you just need to spend a minute on any bebo site and you will see someone say “you’re my nigga” and it is said in a way that can’t be further from it’s original meaning. What Emily said is something I have to agree I wouldn’t do and should not be aired for fear of offending those people that are still offended by it. But she is young, ignorant and simply too caught up in her only little “white” world that she doesn’t understand the offence it MIGHT cause someone. I have to stress MIGHT because, Charlie, whom she said it to, took it exactly as it was. A little white girl using her typical “night-out with her friends” talk that never meant to offend anyone.

The bottom line is that Big Borther have used Emily as a scapegoat for the bad press they got last time round. Yet again they had the opportunity to just play this down and let it go. They are of course in charge of what is aired and what isn’t……… Why couldn’t they just take it out and leave it never to be shown??? We all know they don’t show everything that happens on the show anyway!!

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