I read an interesting article on a small experiment¬†carried out by Brian Clark, who wanted to see if asking someone to “click here” actually made a difference. His experiment showed that using the word “click” increased the click through rate of a link. As much as 8% more chose the link with “click” in the link. For pure SEO’ers that’s a horrible thought, they like to use the anchor text to fill with their precious keyphrases to get maximum weighting from Google.

But worse still, what about those people who are more concerned with accessible websites?

W3C recommend that web designers avoid the use of the phrase “click here” and instead use a more contextual phrase, e.g. “Download this software” etc. The reason they say do this is to help it make more sense to people using screen readers.

Call to actions are so powerful they are hard to ignore, you need to decide what is more important to you!

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