One of my biggest pet hates of the Internet and most company websites, are those sites that haven’t been updated since they went live for the first time.

Nothing in my opinion, gives a worse impression of your company than a page with the dreaded “last updated: March 5th 1989”. If you insist on putting a news section or a “last updated” message, please take my advice and make sure you keep it up to date.

I know from my point of view when I see a website like this, I think that either the company doesn’t exist anymore or they just don’t care about what people think of their website.

With my company, 2bscene, we don’t update our site as often as we would like to, I guess it’s like everything else that is your own, you put it on the long finger. But for this reason, we avoid news stories and last updated signs. We do do a latest projects section which we keep up to date, but with most projects taking on average 4-6 weeks, it’s quite easy to keep it up to date.

The reason I wrote this post was because of Harvey Goldsmith. He’s been giving out about eBay and that he will “do everything he possibly can to ruin their lives”. He also wishes eBay would “drop dead and die”. He’s not happy that tickets for the Led Zeppelin reunion have appeared on the popular website. Have a read why here

Apart from the fact that he wants to kill one of the most successful websites on the web, it’s clear that he simply hates this whole internet thing and doesn’t take it very seriously…….

A quick look at his show and events page show that he is still promoting that Pavarotti is “recovering well from his illness”. –

So we should expect the resurrection of Pavarotti – if of course we were to believe Harvey Goldsmith’s website.

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