It’s that time of year where a lot of us think about getting away to the sun for a few weeks to destress ourselves and reenergise our batteries. Well being no different than everyone else, I decided to see if I could get any great last minute deals.

My first port of call was the famous Budget Travel ( – they always seem to have great last minute deals for your typical package holiday which is all I’m looking for. Nothing fancy, just a quick, relaxing week in the sun….

So it was no surprise when I found holidays to Lanzarote with prices from €189 per person sharing. But having been caught out in the past with Ryanairs hidden charges and with Michele discussing Aer Lingus’s stealth charges, I decided to do a test to see how much the holiday would actually cost.

Unfortunately, Budget Travel is no different and probably worse than Ryanair. At least when Ryanair say they don’t have any fuel surcharges they mean it. But this is not the case for Budget Travel. If you happened to have picked up the Budget Travel brochure by now, you will see on the front cover a big message stating “No Fuel Surchrage Guarantee”. I don’t know what this is in reference to, but it certainly isn’t referring to ordering online.

Here’s an example of the quote I got online from Budget Travel – bear in mind that I chose a weeks holiday for 2 at an advertised price of €189 per person sharing.

So as you can see – there is a fuel surcharge of €50, a late booking fee of €30 (how ironic, how can you charge for a late booking fee??) and of course, the lovely Inbound Together Seating charge… Brining the total cost to nearly €150 more than what they advertised.

I know you can’t complain because it’s still a very good price, however It’s about time the government outlawed this sort of false advertising!

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