A few weeks ago I decided to purchase a DVD recorder, you know, one of the cool ones that allow you to pause live TV, allows you to record to an internal HDD aswell DVDRs etc.

After much searching of the shops I decided I’d go with a Philips DVDR3597H (scroll to bottom), which seemed to have everything I required. In the shops they were ranging from €250 to €290 a pop. When I went into one well known electronics store, they were displaying a 20% off sign, when I asked them could I buy one, they only had the display model left. I don’t know why, but they wouldn’t give me anymore off the ragged looking display model, so I didn’t buy it then and there.

A friend of mine who frequently uses eBay recommend an eBay store by a crowd who call themselves Luzern Tech. I went onto eBay to have a look at them and the product I wanted was on auction for only £10 GBP.

I thought “great! this is my lucky day”. Well how wrong was I…
I won the auction for £71 GBP. Delighted, I paid the £71 + £8.50 delivery charge. In total it worked out at around €102. Happy days!! :)

When I received the product about 10 days later, I set it up and within minutes had it all functioning perfectly.

Now… the box that arrives with the product has a lovely page stating that all products are “fully tested” before leaving the warehouse – worringly though, they had a much longer explaination on how to return your product.

Anyway, when I tried to use the most basic and fundemental part of a DVD player, my world collapsed around me. I inserted my favourite Pearl Harbour DVD 😉 and bang, the disc tray kept opening and closing. It simply wouldn’t play any DVD.

More disappointed at the fact that I’d have to untangle all the wires again to put it back in the box than having to return it, I decided to email Luzern Tech to find out the what the return process was from the horses mouth as such. 2 days later I still hadn’t heard back from Luzern Tech.

Looking at their negative comments on eBay, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

One of the negative feedbacks that stuck out to me most was one where a guy won an auction for a few pounds and when he didn’t receive the product questioned Luzern Tech as to why. They said they were out of stock. This is as far as I know against eBay’s terms of service!

Anyway, I kept faith and just thought I’d been a little unlucky since they did have a fairly high rating of 97% on eBay.

When I finally got a reply from Luzern Tech, I realised something was wrong. They sent me a RMA number and asked me to deliver it back to them. At no stage did anyone ask me what was wrong with the player.

So I went off packaged it up and delivered it back to Luzern Tech’s warehouse in Blanchardstown, Dublin as this was obviously their process.

When I got there, I found an office block with a logo the very same to Luzern Tech’s except it was called Luzern Solutions.

When I rang the bell, another shocker came to me… The guy at the end of the intercom said “You have a delivery? Is it a return? You are in the wrong place if it is”.

The first thing that struck me was “Is it a return”, obviously well used to people coming to the wrong door to drop off a broken product. The second thing was, “you are in the wrong place”. Granted the main entrance was only at the other side of the building, it just seemed very shady to me.

Anyway, I dropped it off and for days didn’t hear a word from them until I went chasing them again. A few days later, I got what looked like an automated response from them stating that I would be getting a refund.

Again, no-one asked me at all what was wrong with the player. It was as if they already knew it would be returned anyway and were just happy to give me my money back.

Today I got my refund, except I was only refunded for the price of the player and not for delivery.

My belief is that I bought something for well below what it should have sold for, so in order to fulfil the order, the just sent me out a broken player knowing I would send it back and they could give me my refund.

Oh and this is all from a company that say they are reputable – take a look at their website – www.luzernsolutions.com

They even have the nerve to state:

“PROOF! …..

We know we’re good!!  We have the highest feedback rating on eBay of any high-volume refurbished product reseller. We also maintain customer feedback ratings with the very same systems, staff, and procedures. “

That’s a blatant lie as many users of eBay will be aware of.

I’m now just fighting to get all my monies refunded, but do you think I’ve heard from them? You got it… no

I guess the motto of this story, be very careful when dealing with this crowd. If you buy something, make sure it’s at a decent price or you’re likely to get a dud.

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