As per my last post, I’ve been trying to get a full refund from LuzernTech for the damaged product they sent me.

I got an email back today:

apologies ,we do not have repair service and we have received the item
from the supplier as ready to send.
Anfortunately because of insufficient stock we do not have the item for
the replacement ,
regarding to this circumstancess we have issued the refund .
Please accept our apology ,our terms & conditions stated as we do not
refund the postage cost and original freight cost.

Let’s ignore for a second the terrible response in terms of grammar and spelling from a supposedly “one of Europe’s leading eSolution providers in the area of consumer electronic asset recovery and disposition” – straight from the homepage of their website

I’m going to go straight to the “we have received the item from the supplier as ready to send”. On their eBay store however, they say:

“Important point to note
The items have been tested and are 100% functional. However, they may have minor cosmetic blemishes e.g. small marks or scratches normally associated with brief usage.”

So who exactly tests these items then?? If they are taking them and just sending them on, how can they say that the products are 100% functional??

The next point to note is this:

“we do not have repair service”

Funny they should say that when on their website they have the following statement:

“If a defect does occur during the period of the warranty, you should immediately notify the parties listed below. At the sellers option, the product will be repaired or replaced.”

So that’s a lie too then yeah?


Anyway, I just hope their potential customers and clients recognise what a shoddy operation they run.

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