eBay Inc.

Now that the LuzernTech saga is all over, I want to draw attention to eBay and how I found them to be completely biased towards protecting sellers on their famous auction site.

If you’ve been keeping up with my LuzernTech saga you will know I had serious issues with them and their illegal activities. But one thing that got to me most was what LuzernTech wrote about me on eBay in response to the negative feedback I gave them.

When I gave feedback on eBay about LuzernTech, I didn’t hold back. I went straight for the jugular. “Absolute scammers – delivered broken, refused repair, no postage refund”, was what I said. Yes maybe I went a bit far, but I really wanted people to be aware of what this crowd were up to and in the 200 characters that you are allowed to write, that’s really hard to do. The only way to get this message across was to be strong and to the point.

eBay give the seller the opportunity to respond to the feedback from a buyer, here’s what LuzernTech said: “Customer given a returns number for a replacement wanted a refund”. This was a complete and blatant lie and in my past posts you’ll see the evidence.

Now here’s where eBay protects the seller… We as the consumer/buyer do not have an opportunity to respond to this feedback within the PayPal site. So in effect, the sellers are being completely protected here. The seller can just put in a comment fobbing off the disgruntled buyer as simply someone who likes to complain. They can fill eBay with lies to make themselves look like reasonable businesses just trying to make a living, but unfortunately have some moany customers from time to time.

So as a consumer, we could read these responses to negative comments and think “hey, they’re not actually bad at all, sure your man is complaining about nothing”. Instantly, an intelligent seller can turn a negative comment into a positive one. This does nothing to protect the consumer, it only protects the seller.

I do however agree that feedback should be limited. You could imagine how my respsonses would have went on and on with LuzernTech! :)

However, there should at least be a way for a consumer to complain about a response from the seller and if untrue, to have it removed.

“You can” I hear you say, well yes you can complain about it, which I did, but the response from eBay are to say least, pityful. In a nutshell, it does not breach their “Feedback Abuse Policy”, so they won’t do anything about it.

I also should note that eBay have recently put a ban on negative feedback on buyers from sellers. However, what is classed as negative? I certainly feel the feedback I received was negative, yet eBay didn’t see it that way.

So it’s clear from my point of view that eBay care little about the consumer and protect the seller entirely in cases like this. I believe the protection should be on the side of the consumer mainly. I know that sellers need to be protected too, but they should at least investigate allegations like this and do something about it so that the bad guys are rooted out.

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